Nguvu Health


Art Direction


Ohtwo Studio

Nguvu creates a safe space for you to get help from mental health professionals, now and always , from your comfort zone.

Nguvu means Strength in Swahili. We are an on-demand online mental health platform where you access quality therapy. Attributing our brand to a language spoken by many in Africa and beyond, puts us in a position to offer our services to a wide range of people on a global scale

We at Nguvu Health, have charged ourselves with changing the narrative on how mental wellness is perceived and accessed within our society.

Design — Behind the scenes, how it was made. Process

Final Result

A quick minute if minimal animations

We sort out the best way to create good animations with sync with the voice over and achieve very minimal motion of elements but send a powerful message.

Click on the play buttons to view the videos for Landing page loader and the main motion ad respectively.

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