Madina Supermarket


Brand Language


Ohtwo Studio

Madina is a world-class supermarket open to everyone delivering quality goods and products in several categories and sections.

It’s goal is to create a simple, memorable, and easily recognizable logo for the brand that would represent Madina anywhere it is seen, both in physical form and digital.

Madina or Medina is a city in SA that is known for its high quality gave inspiration for the logo ideation and design.

A collection of ideas brainstormed to brand excellence.

We brought the physical branding ideas to life to because, "Why not"?.

Physical Branding to meet the guide

We were tasked with getting the client with a visual representation of how we feel the supermarkets prominent stand-out features should be and ultimately conform to.

Keeping in mind the color palette and industry standard for supermarket’s, we needed to make it stand out in its own subtle but unique way

A social media stand-point

We would always advocate for minimalism and that color pop due to the nature of the business.


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